Disruptive Technologies

Presenter: Jimbo Lamb
Contact Info: Text "misterlamb" to 50500
Wednesday's Session: Ban vs. Educate

Liz Kolb, Leader in Cell Phones in Education

Toys to Tools: Connecting Student Cell Phones to Education
Research: http://cellphonesinlearning.wikispaces.com/necc2008
Blog: http://www.cellphonesinlearning.com/
Delicious: http://delicious.com/elikeren/Cell


The following is a commercial for Kaplan University, though we don't know that until the very end. What does this commercial really say?

  • wiffiti - Send texts to be displayed on a website
  • My wiffiti - Question: What is your favorite sports team? Text @loca9764 + your message to 87884

Organizing Through Texting

  • contxts - Create an online business card
  • Textmarks - Create keywords to organize groups for texting; students subscribe themselves
  • tXtBlaster - Create groups (including subgroups) to organize and communicate through texting
  • tatango - Another site for creating text groups (Announced June 18 that free service is being discontinued)

Mobile Reporting

  • PhoneCasting - Another site that allows for recording for free by phone
  • Gcast - Record from phone (for a fee)
  • Gabcast - Record from phone (for a fee)

Text for Answer

  • Google SMS- Get quick info on the go, just text a query to 466453 (GOOGLE), using shorthand codes. Text "help" for more info
  • ChaCha - Text a question to 242242 or call 1-800-224-2242

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