Session 6C: Making Podcasting Work for the Classroom
Presenter: Scott Hertzog
Location: Room 106A

A Synopsis of the Session:
A look at how podcasting can help Authentic Instruction and Learning occur in the classroom. Will examine various ways I incorporate podcasting into my lessons and other possibilities with podcasting as well.

Audience: Regular Educators, Library/Media, High School

Contact info: E-mail:
Twitter: hertzog

A Quick Survey

The Year of the Podcast - End of year survey
Why podcast?
Any particular direction?

What we mean by Authentic Instruction:
  • Higher-order Thinking
  • Depth of Knowledge
  • Connectedness to the World Beyond the Classroom.
  • Substantive conversation.
  • Social support for student achievement.

How I have used podcasting to help Authentic Learning occur in the classroom.

1. Finding/creating a podcast for student interaction.
Poem of the Week Podcast
Example: Weighing the Future
  • Explain what is happening. Draw a conclusion about the woman in this poem. (HOT)
  • How does this poem fit as well as deviate from the traditional structure of a Villanelle? (DOK)
  • Explain how this poem relates to the breaking of the traditional and societal roles of women inside the home. (CWBC)(SC)

Other Subject Area Examples:

2. Student generated podcasts.
Room 312 Podcast
Example: Risk Assessment of Alien Invasion
  • Requires students to read using learned reading strategies. (DOK)
  • Requires students to "manipulate information and ideas in ways that transform their meaning and implications, such as when students combine facts and ideas in order to synthesize, generalize, explain, hypothesize, or arrive at some conclusion or interpretation." (HOT)
  • They need to work together, building on each others thoughts in order to arrive at a general consensus. (SC)
  • Each student is assigned roles vital to the group. Learning how to create a podcast is self-motivating with students wanting to do their best. (S3A)
Other Subject Area Examples:

3. Teacher generated student podcasts.
The Fireside Book Chats
Example: Infidel by Ted Dekker - a book review by Ryan

My Equipment:
(Used for Garage Band and initial mic for recording)
(What I initially used and still use to work with editing podcasts)
(A free alternate to Garageband - PC/Mac)
(Second microphone used in the classroom)
(The recorder I currently use to record student podcasts in the classroom.)
(What I currently use to record at home.)
(My current hosting service)

Information on Podcasting:

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